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Just a couple of pieces I got to do on my friends Mac and Ren visiting from NY. I’ve know Ren since I was 16ish and am proud to here that she and Mac are now to be hitched! Congratulations to the both of them. So in honor of Mac’s new Bride he got a picture of a severed geisha head (rad!) that just so happened to resemble his future wife. LOL and Ren got a mandala that… doesn’t really look anything like Mac at all…. Anyways, It was a good afternoon spent with Jason of FLYING COFFIN, TyBoe and the 2 love birds, hanging out talking shit. good times. -ever ready

IF ONLY… 2 comments

ART & D (Mark Kushimi of CONTRAST) 2 comments

NUUANU & PAUAHI – FIRST FRIDAY, ART + DOCUMENT from Supreme Video Productions on Vimeo.

BIG-UPS to MARK KUSHIMI AND SVPHILL 2 extremely talented individuals killing the game in what they do best. Hats off to the both of them!

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steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state,etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Mahalo to Lyle for being a awesome customer -Ever Ready

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Started this cover up a while back. Just finished up the colors recently. I just liked the way the photo looked in black and white. (you can just use your imagination for the colors!) -goodnight


Dj’s sleeve. Many more sessions to go. Sorry iphone pic… @luckyolelo instgram, holla


I got to do 2 (deep red) mandalas during the holidays for Maria and Justin. Christmas presents to each other. Hard to do, but fun. I’m stoked on them both. I don’t have a photo of Justin’s arm but you get the idea. Check out Justin’s Rock climbing gym if you get a chance, its pretty rad. Volcanic rock gym on the west side. @hiboulder @msmariasan (bottom photo just to show more of the placement) I enjoy doing these types of tattoos, holler if you’re interested- enjoy

BACK FOR MORE 2 comments

Just the outside shot of Daniel @ half sleeve. Also, I’m at Soul Signature Monday and Tuesday from 2-7pm. come down or call the shop (808 3305612) for consultations.

PINUP SHOOT 4 comments

I got to do a photo shoot with Mandy the other day on account of her photographer canceling last minute, which left her fully dressed with an amateur and a camera, me. We took so many pics I’m still running thru them all and editing, but shes so beautiful and photogenic its not like its hard to take good pictures of her… You can check out more on her site or follow on instagram @luckyolelo @mandyboto -enjoy



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